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Images: Example of flagstone use in patio
Valley Run 3/4" irregular flagstone (all colors)
Slate flagstone and pavers are ideal for outdoor patios, porches, terraces, pavilions, driveways, walkways, stepping stones or any public building. Flagstone produced by Camara Slate is a combination of hardness, durability, excellent performance and natural beauty, making it an ideal material for pavers. Because we produce custom sizes, homeowners, contractors and architects appreciate the flexibility of our product. Our flagstone is widely used in both residential and commercial applications.



Due to its resistance to acid, slate may be laid directly on soil. Typical installations are laid over sand and aggregate or concrete. Indoor installations are possible over a medium-bed type mortar application. Because of its high density and very low water absorption characteristics, slate does not have a tendency to spall or delaminate under freeze - thaw conditions.

Durability and Safety:

Camara Slate offers more than visual appeal. The natural cleft texture of the slate creates a slip resistant finish that meets with ADA specifications. As well, slate resists moisture, heat and the heavy pounding of high traffic areas, giving your flooring that protective touch. All Camara slate flagstone and pavers meet or exceed ASTM Standards (interior and exterior) and are guaranteed for 30 years against delaminating or softening of the body. The minimal maintenance and durability will appeal to any homeowner, contractor or architect.


Unfading Mottled Green and Purple

Green and purple combine to form unique patterns in each slate. Some roofing slates are mostly purple, while in others the green predominates. No two slates are exactly alike. Produced in Vermont.
Unfading Mottled Green and Purple


Semi-Weathering Sea-Green

One of the most durable and plentiful of the Vermont slates. A pleasurable material to work for the slate craftsmen- cuttable and consistent. This stone is gray/green when freshly quarried and a naturally harmonious blend of greens, grays, and browns after weathering. Produced in Vermont.
Semi-Weathering Sea-Green


Vermont Gray

Our Vermont Gray weathers uniformly. The natural battleship gray assumes a light bronze patina over time that deepens the color but maintains a gray roof. Rugged, durable and medium texture, Vermont Grey is the traditional "slate gray" stone roof. Occasional pieces may show buff and brown tones. Produced in Vermont.


Unfading Red

The one and only, true Unfading red carries a price tag that reflects the limited deposits and difficult production of this exotic and extremely hard material. Brick red in color and one of the most durable slates known. Produced in Washington County, New York.
Unfading Red


Unfading Green

Shades of green and gray/green that will not change in color. Some deposits are a very bright green, while others range gray/green. Produced in Vermont.
Unfading Green


Royal Purple

A beautiful, nearly clear, Dark Purple Slate. Some pieces may have small markings of Green, but are predominantly Purple. Some weathering to buffs can occur. Produced in Vermont
Royal Purple


Unfading Gray

A light Gray-Green Slate with some clouded grayer/black markings. Produced in Vermont.
Unfading Gray

Vermont Mottled-Gray Black

Grayish background with mottlings of various shades of darker gray-black. Some weathering can occur.

Vermont Mottled-Gray Black

Unfading Clear Black

A smooth textured, clear black slate.

Unfading Clear Black


We have two types of flagstone we offer: IRREGULAR (not square) and REGULAR (square). They can be used inside or outside. If your application is inside then you have two choices mud or thin set. If you lay your slate in mud, I would recommend you getting it natural cleft both sides. If you lay your slate in thin set I would recommend getting the slate natural cleft face/gauged back. If you lay you slate outside you have three choices: mud, thin set on a poured slab or laying it on the earth anyway you want. (grass, stone dust, sand….)
(not square)
Valley Run 19"x 3/4-1"
Rectangular, square, and triangular sizes with 0 to 4 sawn sides Ranging in sizes 10-19" x 7-14" (10-12 lbs per square ft)
Irregular shaped flagstone

Flagstone floor example

Flagstone Patio

Quarry Run 19"x 3/4-1"
Rectangular sizes with 2 to 4 sawn sides, not square, ranging in sizes 19-20" x 10-14" (10-12 lbs per square ft)
Irregular flagstone shapes
Valley Run 19" flagstone flooring
Irregular slate wall

Irregular 25"x 3/4-1"
Rectangular, square, and triangular sizes with 0 to 4 sawn sides Ranging in sizes 25" x 11-42" (10-12 lbs per square ft)
Irregular flagstone shapes
Irregular slate floor
Irregular slate wall
Pool patio with regular (square) slate flagstone
sea green pattern #9

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